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13 June 2013 • First mention of MMAHallofFame.com in MMA media, in Ben Fowlkes Twitter Mailbag column.

osh @cubbiezfan80
have you and any of your media comrades seriously discussed laying out ground work to get a real mma hall of fame started?

I wish I could say yes, we totally saw the need for an independent MMA Hall of Fame and then we all pulled together and worked tirelessly to make it happen. But that's not true. The good news is, one man did do that, and that man is The Underground's Kirik Jenness. He's got a website (still a work in progress), a panel of voters (yours truly included), and he tells me that he expects voting to begin some time in the next 30 days. Hopefully soon we'll be on the path toward establishing a hall of fame that actually means something in this sport, as well as one that recognizes true accomplishment in MMA without getting bogged down in the company politics that have plagued the UFC's effort. I'd like to say that's the result of all our hard work, but really it's Kirik who deserves all the credit.


1 March 2012 • After twelve years, final preparations are underway for the debut of the MMA Hall of Fame voting engine. The Judges Panel is being finalized, site design is being tweaked, profiles are being edited, and little sleep is being had.

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