Welcome to the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame!

Setting up a regional Hall of Fame



The MMA Hall of Fame is devoted to honoring the sport on a worldwide basis. As such, many great figures are not included.

If you are interested in setting up a virtual Hall of Fame devoted to your State, Province, region, or country, please reach out to us with a proposal. We will clone this site, and make it available at no charge, with a unique regional prefix (for example ca.MMAHallofFame.com instead of World.MMAHallofFame.com).

Be forewarned, the time committment is substantial.

Preliminary proposal would include several elements, including:
•A brief summary of your background in mixed martial arts.
•A brief summary of mixed martial arts in the area you wish to honor, both at present and historically, including any notable rivalries that could bring into question the impartiality of the process.
•A preliminary list of potential judges (there is a minimum of 20).
•A timeline for the effort.

Email proposal at your convenience to Director@MMAHallofFame.com.