Welcome to the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame!

About the MMA Hall of Fame

MMAHallofFame.com was started in the late 1990s by Kirik Jenness. The sport was then too young for the project to be feasible, and it sat for nearly 15 years. Mixed Martial Arts went through ups and downs, mostly the latter, before the UFC was acquired in 2001 by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, and Dana White.

The company spent tens of millions of dollars with little return, until they took a gamble on a reality show, The Ultimate Fighter. The show was a hit, and the UFC grew over time into the most valuable sports franchise on the planet. Thus buoyed, mixed martial arts became the world's fastest growing sport.

After some 20 years, the time was right, at long last, for the MMA Hall of Fame.

Jenness was now the sport's official records keeper, maintaining wins, losses, and suspensions for the state, provincial, tribal, and municipal Athletic Commissions that regulate it across North America. The experience in gathering a vast amount of data in the MMA space, without involving personal biases in any way provided ideal preparation for the Hall. That expertise was set to this effort.

Jenness co-founded The Underground, an online community at MixedMartialArts.com in 1998, and ran it every since. A comprehensive list of the 100+ most influential and insightful people in the sports was created, and approached about being a member of the judge's panel, and nominees were solicited. Eventually, a list of over 200 figures was selected, representing the individuals worldwide who most made the sport what it is today.

With voting imminent, the MMA Hall of Fame now nears completion.