Welcome to the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame!

A Word from the Founder

I started MMAHallofFame.com in the late 1990s, but the sport was too young for the effort to be feasible. As modern mixed martial arts is now no longer a teenager, the time is right to honor those figures who built the sport.

I am the sport's official records keeper, maintaining the wins, losses, and suspension for the state, provincial, tribal, and municipal athletic commissions that regulate the sport across North America. That expertise in compiling, organizing, and providing a large amount of MMA-relevant data has now been put towards honoring the greatest figures in our sports' history. Further, I have since 1998 run the online community at mixedmartialarts.com, so that experience has gone towards optimixzing this website.

A panel of over 100 of the leading figures in the sport was organized, as well as a list of hundreds of the most respected figures from the long history of mixed martial arts. The panel will shortly vote on the nominees, so stay tuned!


Kirik Jenness
Founder, MMA Hall of Fame